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Penguins Visit Zhongshan

January 20, 2016

I woke up to hear the magic word “penguins” in the dorm hallway, so I grabbed my camera and ran down to the shore, which led to a lovely afternoon spent following them around the station. This was all in accordance with my research group's official "penguin policy" stating that penguin sightings have priority over anything but a flight.

The Adelies were generally indifferent to our presence,

but when we started to leave for dinner, they followed ...

The others headed up the hill to the main building and dinner, but the penguins and I hung a right ...

... in order to waddle through the cargo yard ...

... where construction scraps are being packed up to be shipped back to China. The penguins seemed oblivious to me and my camera - even running within a few feet of me!

They found the road again ...

...only to reject this path back out onto the ice.

For some reason, this ice is more appealing.

They hung out here for quite a while, bobbing up and down as the ice moved in the waves.

The skuas also liked this area, and this shot captures a rare moment of peace. It is way more common for the penguins to aggressively chase off the skuas.

I've finally run out of shoreline to follow them on, and this group of 8 was last seen as specks off in the distance.

However, I went over the hill to the left, and found more penguins!